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2021-01-31 | Dream | Plastered Walls

I was working at a startup-ish company. They had a product that they had created and sold for quite awhile, making millions of dollars, but they brought in some people to do the equivalent of "j curving it", and the new version wasn't selling. I had purchased a variety of fresh ingredients (I remember broccoli), and had been trying to combine them at work, but realized is was better if I focused on them individually.

There was an outdoor board where projects were posted. Most of the board had been plastered over with quarter inch sheets of cardboard in rough layers, painted mostly white with some pastel colors mixed in, mainly thin streaks of light blue striped randomly on the edges.

It had all been done while I was out to lunch with Sean. I remember talking to her in a large parking lot and telling her I needed to make an appearance and check in before I went home for the weekend. Most of the board had been coated over. Prior it had listed some of my work and calculations of problems. There were two status reports drawn up drafting style, with precise, artistic lettering by the new project manager from the j-curve team.

The entry way to the building was a side door with a small stoop of just a few steps. The hall was dark, but I could see a person glance up at me when I put my key in the handle. I made lots of noise using my key, because I was afraid they would think I was robbing them. Something disrupting was going on (not trying to make a pun with biz speak, I don't think, but something had disrupted their business, something extreme happened that day).

I went into my room. It was long and thin, like a large windowless utility closet. My desk was out in the middle of the room. Somebody had unplugged my keyboard from my computer, a mini-tower, and plugged it into a laptop that had booted and older version of Windows. Instead of my track ball, there was an optical mouse. I didn't see my track ball anywhere, just my mini-tower lying on its side with nothing plugged in.

I left the room and talked to a man I recognized as a long-term hire there, either a janitor or a security guard. He had noticed my concern, and wondered what I was bothered by. I told him about the track ball. There was some commotion in the president's office. I saw Jim there, from FTS. He was wearing a sweater vest and looked thin as always but a little younger and healthier than when I knew him in 2011. He glanced up at me enough to acknowledge I was there, but there was a heated conversation with some other men, and we didn't talk further.

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