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1988-03-22 | Memory | Mikey and Milk

When I baked pies at the pie shop there was a janitor named Mikey. He would loan me Pink Floyd and blues tapes (Sunny Boy Williamson and others) that I would record. He would roam the Eugene tunnels and tell me how they worked. There was an entrance to a huge underground room in the sidewalk in front of the pie shop. I followed his directions and checked it out with Yvette, figuring I could save on rent. There was standing water next to a concrete platform that had an old generator on it... huge diesel engine. In the very back was an elevator shaft. The elevator had long been broken and was filled stuff for storage. My boss, Terry, said if I really wanted to live down there, he would clear out the elevator and I could crawl in through the bottom of the car. Luckily, I decided not to live down there. I'd probably have some kind of lung infection.

Mikey would steal milk from the back room. I caught him leaving with a couple of gallons one time. I was horrified he would do it. (Not so much now, though. It seems in the "OK" spectrum if you are living off of 10 or so hours a week on minimum wage in 1987 to take a gallon of milk a week or so. At least, I'm not horrified looking back on that.) In the winter sometimes he would spend the night with a friend in the back room (over by the elevator). I remember (again, horrified) finding a glass jar of pee. I took it out to my boss's wife (and my ummm... dotted line boss) Dee Dee, held it out and said, "Smell this!" She did, and got one of those "baby getting first shot and realizing nurse is enemy" looks on her face because I did that to her, and I told her it was Mikey's.

As I iterate over and over on various ideas in the present, and struggle with my place in relation to our civilization, I remember one thing Mikey said: "You take yourself too seriously, Agatha." At the time I responded, "It is what I have! Why would I not take myself seriously?" I think, over time, we are supposed to not take ourselves seriously. Perhaps we are all supposed to embrace the Frank Sinatra song "The world still is the same, you'll never change it/As sure as the stars shine above". Just love, be kind, take small steps, sprinkle small kindnesses... buckdancer's choice, but I still have trouble with that.


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