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2021-04-16 | Subject | IT System Analysts

How many IT system analysts do you know that analyze systems vs. simply administer and operate systems? The same thing goes for engineers. Engineering should involve both requirements analysis and design. Instead, we have farmed this out to third parties, and promoted roles of operators and administrators into those titles at most IT shops, eliminating the expensive internal roles.

We have ceded the ability to design and analyze to third parties, convinced that it is too expensive to have those skills in-house, but at what cost? The key is knowledge. Knowledge truly is power, and power is quickly moving to third parties. Those hiring real analysts and engineers are now the keepers of knowledge, relegating the rest of IT to mere consumers that are no longer able to own the knowledge that runs their business.

IT as we know it now, with commodity microcomputers, started out as a tool for information freedom, freeing business from expensive minicomputers, and, previously, minicomputers freed us from mainframes. The extent of communication and the tools we have now to analyze and grow knowledge, to utilize information technology for just that, and understand how information relates to our daily lives and our situation within extremely complex socio-ecological-economic systems is wondrous and wide-open, yet we insist on merely subscribing.

It is possible to have open, standard models of knowledge for our systems as well as a coupling to commodity analysis for event streams without subscribing to a service or relying on others for that information. I mean this from a core level, in the spirit of 1984 era PCs: ability to model, monitor, and analyze from the kernel to the app, for free, using standards and open source, rather than paying a tithe to third parties.

The key ideas involve the hyped areas of knowledge graphs and ML/AI. This tech can be leveraged for resilience, and our good friend's video presentations show how. Signal Q will continue in this area, even if we all end up eating beans and rice and living on the mesa. Seriously. I am confident that this ability to manage and navigate complicated systems without a need for third parties is important enough to our species, that I'll do this regardless of a job. I can see these ideas being marketed by the folk with unicorns in their eyes. This is wrong. The tech is important, was trailblazed by intellectual leaders like Tim Berners-Lee and Barry Smith, given away for free for "the good", and I can't stand to see it wrapped back up and sold back to us.

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